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KC Mia Longest

Christmas Day 1971

Electric Football’s most significant day is Christmas. It is a fact that most Electric Football games were (and still are!) received as Christmas presents, providing the “Red Ryder” moment that many of us have carried in our memories for 40, 50, or maybe even 60 years. It’s the toy we put at the top of our Christmas lists, usually after seeing a full color image in a Christmas catalog from Sears, Montgomery Ward, or JC Penney.

Yet while the Santa-delivered Tudor NFL buzzed around our living room floors on Christmas day, there was only one Christmas throughout the 1960’s, 1970’s, and early 1980’s when any actual NFL games were played. That was the 1971 Divisional Playoffs.

In the early game that day, the Cowboys defeated the Vikings 20-12. But it was the second game that will forever hold a place in both pro football and American history. It was and still is the longest NFL game ever played, an epic contest that wreaked so much havoc on traditional Christmas family dinners that the NFL didn’t attempt to play another game on Christmas Day until 1989. The game we’re referring to, of course, is the Dolphins 27-24 double-overtime victory the Kansas City Chiefs.

Electric Football recreation of the final play of the 1971 playoff game between the Dolphins and Chiefs

For our new Full Color Electric Football™ book we thought this game was worth commemorating. So in our Greatest Games section you’ll find this photo of the Electric Football version of the game’s final play. To recreate the look of KC’s Memorial Stadium (this would be the last game ever played there), we put Tudor Chiefs and Dolphins on a 1970 Coleco game. Then we did a little extra decorating — even down holder Karl Noonan’s white towel on the field. Turned out pretty well, didn’t it?

So…we hope you’re enjoying all those books Santa left under the tree this year. You know you’ve been good!!

Merry Christmas and Happy Electric Football Holidays!!


Earl, Roddy, & MK


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Electric Football Full Color Friday continues with something special in this week before Christmas — an interview by Full Color author Earl Shores (me!) with Fox Sports Radio KKTK 1400am/ESPN Radio KTRG 94.1 in Texarkana, Texas.

The interview took place on Tuesday evening (12/15) during the drive time “Leaving The Yard” program. Hosts Chuck Zach and Robert Cochran truly are old friends at this point, giving both Full Color Electric Football and The Unforgettable Buzz unmatched exposure and enthusiastic praise throughout the conversation.

It was full on fun. In fact, we covered so many facets of Electric Football and the new book that the interview has been converted into our long overdue Full Color Electric Football video trailer.

Just click above to hear the interview, and also get a visual and verbal tour to the new book. I finally tell the story of the unlikely place where the plan for our new book was “hatched.”

Many, many thanks to Chuck and Robert for conducting this great interview. They are great friends of Electric Football.





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Lee Payne Archive copy

Electric Football Full Color Friday continues with another chapter from Full Color Electric Football™ that we’re incredibly proud of — the Lee Payne Archive. What this section contains is truly one of a kind – 30 images from the personal collection of Tudor’s “all-pro” designer Lee Payne.

There are prototype images, production mock-ups, photos that made it into Tudor catalogs, and others that are strictly “behind-the-scenes” stuff. We show how the iconic Sears NFL No. 613 box was created, as well as other Big team match ups that Lee put together on an NFL No. 620 in 1967.

A Lee Payne image from Full Color Electric Football

A Lee Payne image from page 101 of Full Color Electric Football (not the Ice Bowl).

But the unquestioned centerpiece of the section is the first-ever color photo of Tudor’s 1968 Ice Bowl prototype. This never put into production model is the “Lost” Electric Football game of all-time. A beautiful piece that produces wonder in anyone who sees it.

We’ve placed the game in a stunning two-page spread that lets you linger over the image, taking in every detail that Lee included in the game — including “frozen” white end zones. The “What If’s” race through your mind. Tudor’s Cowboys and Packers never looked so good!


Bart Starr on the frozen field during the 1967 Ice Bowl

We are pleased to be able to open this amazing window to the genius of Lee Payne. It’s one of the many highlights to be found in Full Color Electric Football


Earl, Roddy, & MK


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Electric Football has no greater friends in the media world than Greg Eno of Al Beaton of The Knee Jerks. For almost an hour yesterday I talked with them about Full Color Electric Football™ and all things Electric Football. It’s always such a fun conversation because they are true Electric Football guys. They “get it” on every level. And what is so enjoyable it that they always come up with interesting questions, leading the conversation about Electric Football to totally new places.

They never fail on this angle. I was totally floored and flattered by Greg saying that Full Color Electric Football could be the official program for an imaginary Electric Football museum/hall of fame. It’s the book you would buy in the museum gift shop to take home and remind you of the cool exhibits you saw during your visit. Wow! That’s the type of an endorsement we’re happy to float upon for a while.

What says it all about my conversations with Greg and Al is that I’m always amazed how quickly the time goes by. An hour talking with them feels like 15 minutes. Hopefully you feel the same way and enjoy their enthusiasm for our favorite game. Click on the lick at the top of page to listen to the interview.

Thanks so much Greg and Al!!




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Electric Football Full Color Friday continues this week with the opening photo spread from Full Color Electric Football™.

One of the most frustrating aspects of the book is this: taking photos of its pages just don’t do it justice. A still photo can’t capture the physical act of turning a page, and finding this beautifully designed two-page spread staring back at you.

When the book is fully opened, the spread above is almost a full 16 inches across (see the yardstick). That means if you laid the book out on an actual No. 620 field, this No. 620 image would stretch from the end zone to the 50-yard line. Those kind of dimensions make the players in this photo, at least the ones in the foreground, larger than real-life Electric Football players.

It all adds up to make quite an impact — at least when the book is sitting in your hands. It’s something we hope you all get to experience in the coming weeks.


Earl, Roddy, & MK

P.S. — We’ve recently garnered some incredibly nice comments about the book from Rueben Jackson and Lynn Schmidt. Click here to read them.



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Electric Football is making its mark in 2015, as our new Full Color Electric Football™ book landed at No. 3 on the Uni Watch/ESPN Holiday Gift Guide list!! It was a thrill to see Uni Watch columnist and editor Paul Lukas hold up a copy of Full Color Electric Football  in a video on the ESPN website and say “this is a great new book…”

Like Norman Sas did when Lee Payne showed off the first-ever 3-D Electric Football players, we fell out our chairs!

There is also a nice write up of the book on the ESPN web site (above). From this ESPN exposure we had a record number of visitors to our own web site. Hopefully we’ve awakened some long dormant yet cherished memories of Electric Football under the Christmas tree.

no 3 holiday guide copy


What a start to the Christmas season — thanks so much to all of you who’ve been along for the long ride over the last two years! And a big “Full Color” welcome to those who are just rediscovering the special place that Electric Football occupies in our hearts and minds.


Earl, Roddy & MK





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