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Electric Football truly has a knack for ending up in surprising places. We were amazed to find our new Full Color Electric Football book in the December 30, 2015 edition of Hail Varsity, the alumni magazine for the University of Nebraska.

In a full color and nearly full-page feature, Editor Brandon Vogel gave our book an emphatic “thumbs up.” It’s such a thoughtful and thorough review, we were absolutely thrilled to read it.

What’s rewarding about this review up is that Mr. Vogel is a “millennial” who never actually played the game. He was exposed to Electric Football through his father’s old Tudor Games NFL set. But yet, he was still enthralled by the Electric Football concept, particularly the painted NFL teams and the tiny details that were imparted on them.

So here’s someone from the electronic generation who can “see” the grandeur of Electric Football pretty much as we did 30 years earlier. It’s seems a little thing, but it’s heartening to know that Tudor’s “vision” of the game is still clear to see all these years later. It also helps us think we weren’t totally crazy to publish two books about Electric Football.

So…thank you Brandon Vogel — we appreciate your kind words about Full Color Electric Football! And thank you Lynn Schmidt for letting us know the review existed!

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