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Sample page from Full Color Electric Football book


Not only was Joe Namath a star and Hall of Famer in the AFL and NFL, he was exactly that for Electric Football too.

The 1969 Gotham Joe Namath model pictured above was the FIRST player-endorsed Electric Football game ever made. It’s a game we feature prominently in our book Full Color Electric Football, and discuss in great detail in our first book The Unforgettable Buzz.

No other player had the commercial appeal of “Broadway Joe,” especially after the Jets upset the Colts in Super Bowl III in 1969. He was the perfect player to have his own personal Electric Football game, and actually helped keep Gotham Pressed Steel viable in the hyper-competitive Electric Football world of the early 1970’s.

So here are birthday wishes to one of the all time greats — both in the NFL and in Electric Football!

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