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Happy First Anniversary Full Color Electric Football!

Our Full Color Electric Football book is officially a year old today. It’s amazing how fast time flies by, as we can still recall the thrill of releasing the book last November. All the work and sweat that was put in as we headed toward our publication date…wow, what a ride it was.

And what a ride it has been over the last year. Your reception to the book has been so positive and overwhelming. That’s what we’ll always remember most. Every second we spent putting the book together was rewarded by your awe-inspiring response. It’s amazing to have only Five-Star reviews (out of Five!) on Amazon.

Full Color Electric Football is a dream come true. It’s what we envisioned when we first started thinking about an Electric Football book more than 20 years ago. (Maybe because the first article we ever did about Electric Football in 1994 was published in color.) Anytime we pick the book up, it’s a thrill the realize how far we were able to come with the project.

So, thank you to all of you who have supported us over the last year by picking up a copy of Full Color Electric Football. We know you’re enjoying it.

And for those of you who still need to get a copy, why not help us celebrate our first anniversary by getting your copy during this upcoming Holiday season? Put it on your list, or better yet, order it now. You deserve to get exactly what you want for Christmas, right?? Make it a Full Color Holiday!

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One of the most important Electric Football games ever made is the 1967 Tudor NFL No. 510 model with the Colts and Packers. This game is of such importance that we featured it on the cover of The Unforgettable Buzz. We also devoted a full spread to the No. 510 in Full Color Electric Electric Football , and have included the game in our new 2017 Full Color Electric Football Calendar (below).

<img alt="2017 Full Color Electric Football Calendar Tudor NFL 510 Colts Packers">

Just how significant was the Tudor NFL No. 510 in Electric Football history?

Tudor put the game on the cover of their 1967 sales catalog to introduce the toy world to the NFL (the full cover can be seen on page 63 of Full Color Electric Football and page 258 of The Unforgettable Buzz). Tudor also gave the No. 510 the responsibility of introducing boys to Tudor’s NFL, as it was the first color photo you came across in Tudor’s 1967-69 rule books.

The photo of the No. 510 sucked you right into the action. The players were numbered after real players! Even if you had just received a Tudor NFL No. 620 or an NFL No. 613…when you came across the color photo of the No. 510 in Tudor’s catalog you wanted one!!

<img alt="Full Color Electric Football Book page 62 Tudor NFL 510 Colts Packers">

The NFL No. 510 page in Full Color Electric Football.

Lee Payne Magic

The work Tudor designer Lee Payne did with a basic Tudor No. 500 model to make it NFL-worthy was truly genius. There was the diamond end zone pattern with three all-white diamonds containing “N-F-L,” the grandstand “flags” of every NFL team, and the 16 removable NFL nameplates for the scoreboard.

But what he had done with frame made all the difference. On a standard No. 500 the frame was entirely white. On the No. 510, Lee made the outside edge of the frame blue. The only white was in the left hand corner where a Tudor logo and the letters “N-F-L” stood side-by-side. It sounds subtle, and when compared with a No. 620 or a No. 613, the No. 510 frame is quite sparse. Yet the effect is dramatic. The white against the blue works like a magnet to draw your eyes right to the NFL on the frame. The NFL is imprinted into your brain without a conscious thought – you just “know” that your looking at an NFL Electric Football game.

And on the border of the frame Lee made another subtle yet significant change. While three sides of the border framed the field in white, Lee made the back border that lead to Tudor’s clip-on NFL scoreboard the same green color as the field. This created a seamless transition from the field to the grandstand — it feels like a “stadium.” The game was absolutely beautiful.

We Saw The NFL

And we haven’t even mentioned Tudor’s brand new NFL players. Norman Sas and Lee Payne picked the Colts and the Packers for the No 510. In 1967 these teams were Western Conference rivals, and two the best teams in the NFL. The Packers were the defending Super Bowl champs, having won four NFL Championships since 1961. Bart Starr, Johnny Unitas, Jim Taylor, Tom Matte, Willie Davis, Jim Parker. Ray Nitschke, John Mackey, Paul Horning, Forrest Gregg, Elijah Pitts, Bob Vogel, Bobby Boyd, Raymond Berry, Lenny Moore….there were just so many great players on both teams.

What we “saw” on the Tudor NFL No. 510. A beautiful Neil Leifer photo.(©Neil Leifer)

The Packers and Colts had played some epic games through the years. One of their legendary battles was 1965 Western Conference playoff game. With Unitas and backup QB Gary Cuozzo both injured, Colts’ running back Tom Matte played valiantly at quarterback that day. And the Colts were leading 10-7 before Green Bay’s Don Chandler kicked a controversial game-tying field goal with 1:58 left regulation. The ball soared high over the H-shaped goal post, and appeared to go wide left — but the kick was ruled good by the single official standing under the crossbar. Chandler then kicked a field goal in overtime to give the Packers a 13-10 victory.

Besides getting teams that generated immediate NFL excitement, if you got a No. 510 during the 1967-68 period, the Packers and Colts were likely to be Tudor’s big/large teams. An extra special bonus on an already special game.

The No. 510 is truly one of our all-time favorite games. As we said back in August, a true Hall Of Famer!




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