Electric Football Full Color Friday continues this week with the opening photo spread from Full Color Electric Football™.

One of the most frustrating aspects of the book is this: taking photos of its pages just don’t do it justice. A still photo can’t capture the physical act of turning a page, and finding this beautifully designed two-page spread staring back at you.

When the book is fully opened, the spread above is almost a full 16 inches across (see the yardstick). That means if you laid the book out on an actual No. 620 field, this No. 620 image would stretch from the end zone to the 50-yard line. Those kind of dimensions make the players in this photo, at least the ones in the foreground, larger than real-life Electric Football players.

It all adds up to make quite an impact — at least when the book is sitting in your hands. It’s something we hope you all get to experience in the coming weeks.


Earl, Roddy, & MK

P.S. — We’ve recently garnered some incredibly nice comments about the book from Rueben Jackson and Lynn Schmidt. Click here to read them.