Here are some beautiful sample pages from Full Color Electric Football. These are examples of what you’ll find throughout this stunning 122-page book. It’s 8″ x 10″ oversized format makes a big impact on the reader. Few toy books display their content with such detail. These details extend to the quality of the photos, as well as the design elements put into every single page. No shortcuts were taken in creating the only color book ever published about Electric Football. 

alt="electric football book full color cover sample pages" title="wraparound cover of Full Color Electric Football"

Michael Kronenberg designed the cover of Full Color Electric Football™.  He also designed all the pages in this section and in the book. 

alt="Electric Football Full Color Book table of contents" title="TOC FCEF"

What better place to start the Sample Pages section than with the colorful Table Of Contents — a page of dreams.

alt="Electric Football book color title page" title="FCEF title page"

Title Page

alt="Electric Football sample pages Tudor AFL Section" title="1967 Tudor AFL line of teams"

Sample pages keep on coming. Here’s the Tudor AFL spread featuring large Tudor teams and the No. 520 model.

alt="Electric Football sample pages Player Endorsed Games" title="1969 Gotham Joe Namath model"

Spread for Player Endorsed Games, which includes the Joe Namath G-812 model the Gotham Pressed Steel corporation.

alt="Electric Football sample pages Greatest Games" title="Colts and Giants"

Here’s the final play of the 1958 NFL Championship game, as envisioned in Electric Football with a 1961 Gotham NFL G-1500 game, and NFL large 1967 Colts and Giants teams made by Tudor Metal Products. From the Greatest Games section of Full Color Electric Football.

alt="sample pages Full Color Electric Football Chiefs Dolphins Christmas" title="Tudor Chiefs Dolphins"/

Here’s more from the Greatest Games section — the NFL’s Longest Game. It’s December 25, 1971, and the Dolphins Garo Yepremian has just kicked the sudden-death game winning field goal against the Chiefs for a 27-24 victory.

alt="Lee Payne Archive Full Color Electric Football sample pages" title="Lee Payne Archive"/

alt="Full Color Electric Football sample pages Cowboys and Packers" title="Cowboys Packers in miniature"/

Is it the 1966 NFL Championship Game? That what it looks like. This photo of the Cowboys and the Packers was created and taken by Lee Payne, Tudor’ Director of Product Development. More about Lee Payne and his work is in the Lee Payne Archive section of Full Color Electric Football.

Do you still want to know more about Full Color Electric Football? Then be sure to read through all the sections of the web site.