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It was four years ago today that Electric Football Inventor Norman Sas passed away.

Were were truly saddened, but we knew that Norman had not been well for some time. So his passing wasn’t completely unexpected. What we didn’t know was that the Sas family would put both of our names and the tentative title of our still unpublished book into Norman’s obituary. It was an honor that we’ll always treasure, and it sent us on our way to getting The Unforgettable Buzz into print in 2013. Here’s a video we put together back in 2013 remembering the amazing things Norman accomplished Electric Football.




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WPlains 1 2015 copy

Media exposure for Full Color Electric Football expanded to television last week when co-author Earl Shores paid a visit to the Beyond The Game show in White Plains, New York.

This was the second time that Shores had the pleasure of sitting down with host John Voperian in front of the cameras and bright lights. The result was a vibrant and wide ranging conversation that covered not only Electric Football’s past, but also its present and future as well.

Wp 2015 ES2 copy

John started the interview by asking about the story behind the black helmet Saints section of Full Color Electric Football, then moved onto the the AFL, Greatest Games, Player Endorsed games, and many other Full Color highlights.

One of unique things about the conversation was having pages from the book up on screen as Shores explained them to viewers. The interview wrapped up with two back-to-back 50-yard touchdown runs by a Tudor quarterback sporting a green rub-on #12.

WP 2015 saints copy 2

Shores came off the set thinking it was one of the best Electric Football conversations he’d ever had. “It’s just very comfortable to sit down with John,” said Shores. “He makes sure you’re relaxed and then asks great questions — the answers just flow.”

Click on here — Beyond The Game with Full Color Electric Football — to see the entire conversation! It’s not to be missed!


**Please note that this is an Adobe Flash video and will not play on an iPhone in the Safari browser. A Flash-enabled browser like Puffin is necessary to watch the clip.

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Electric Football is making its mark in 2015, as our new Full Color Electric Football™ book landed at No. 3 on the Uni Watch/ESPN Holiday Gift Guide list!! It was a thrill to see Uni Watch columnist and editor Paul Lukas hold up a copy of Full Color Electric Football  in a video on the ESPN website and say “this is a great new book…”

Like Norman Sas did when Lee Payne showed off the first-ever 3-D Electric Football players, we fell out our chairs!

There is also a nice write up of the book on the ESPN web site (above). From this ESPN exposure we had a record number of visitors to our own web site. Hopefully we’ve awakened some long dormant yet cherished memories of Electric Football under the Christmas tree.

no 3 holiday guide copy


What a start to the Christmas season — thanks so much to all of you who’ve been along for the long ride over the last two years! And a big “Full Color” welcome to those who are just rediscovering the special place that Electric Football occupies in our hearts and minds.


Earl, Roddy & MK





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