Electric Football production pieces of any kind are exceedingly rare. That’s because they weren’t viewed as anything “special” at the time they were created. Their purpose was simple — to be part of the industrial process of making a toy. Or in the case of the page from Full Color Electric Football we’re previewing today, the process of creating an Electric Football player. And these production pieces didn’t create just a single item or player. The brass master in our photo spawned tens of millions of Electric Football players.

So…can something really be “special” when millions of items are produced from it?

Yes, because of what happened when a production line ceased. Pieces like this quarterback were not only discarded, they were destroyed. Melted down. Just visualize this master being dumped into a blazing furnace…Electric Football history disappearing right before your eyes.

So we’re proud in Full Color Electric Football to be able to feature — in color — this Tudor brass master. It was from him that Tudor created their NFL Quarterback Electric Football sets in the early 1980’s. It was also from him that Tudor created the short-lived “Quarterbacks of the NFL” line in 1983.

As one of the few Electric Football production pieces to survive into the modern era, he’s now like a prized dinosaur fossil in a museum display. His “bones” help explain Electric Football’s past to future generations. Another special part of this QB’s legacy is that he spent his post-production days in Brooklyn sitting on the desk of Electric Football inventory and Tudor Games President Norman Sas. How’s that for a priceless pedigree?

We’re pleased to finally give this Tudor player the exposure he deserves — in full color. 


Earl, Roddy, & MK