Full Color Electric Football is the NFL’s Toy Story in HD!

It’s Christmas morning with every turn of the page. An epic all-photo journey through the history of America’s most iconic sports toy. Childhood memories come to life thanks to over 250 stunning images. The result is a colorful collage of Electric Football NFL dreams in miniature!

Displayed on page after glorious color page is the full legacy and history of this great toy. NFL games, NFL teams, catalog pages, rule books, production photos, as never seen before. In addition, all the best items from toymakers Tudor Games, Gotham, Coleco, and Munro, are featured. As they were, and how kids imagined them to be.

Full Color Electric Football is the second book from the writing/design team of Earl Shores, Roddy Garcia, and Michael Kronenberg. It’s the follow up to their acclaimed The Unforgettable Buzz, the first book ever published about Electric Football (2013).

This time Shores, Garcia, and Kronenberg combine NFL history, toys, and American culture into a seamless visual display that transcends the individual elements. Not only does Electric Football become the stuff of our dreams, the game becomes art.

Full Color Electric Football Is No. 3 On The ESPN Holiday Gift Guide!

ESPN Uni Watch 2015 Gift Guide Full Color Electric Football book

In December of 2015 Full Color Electric Football earned the No. 3 spot on the Uni Watch/ESPN 2015 Holiday Gift GuideUni Watch editor Paul Lukas also added that “this is a great book.” Additional praise for the book can be read here.

To purchase a copy of the book click on your preferred retailer in the right column of the page. Thank you for your interest in the book. May all of your wondrous Christmas morning memories come flooding back!