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Page from the color demo version of The Buzz

A spread from our 2012 color “demo” version of “The Unforgettable Buzz”.

We’re going to let you in on a little secret — a full color Electric Football book already exists. It’s even in hardback.

It’s name is…The Unforgettable Buzz.

Well, at least it says “The Unforgettable Buzz” on the cover. A more accurate way to describe it would be a “demo” version of The Unforgettable Buzz. It was printed in March of 2012, long before the final edits were complete, and long before Michael Kronenberg became part of the project. (Michael had nothing to do with the images in this post!)

This version was only printed, never published. You can’t find a literary listing of it, which is good, because it was a rough and rushed effort to get the Electric Football story into print.

Yet in the “big” picture of things, it might have been the most important thing we’ve ever done — flaws and all. That’s because it was this color demo version of The Unforgettable Buzz that Electric Football inventor Norman Sas got to see before he passed away in June of 2012.

Cover from the color demo version of The Buzz

Our homemade cover.

Only 25 copies were printed, with most ending up in the hands of the Sas family. All 426-pages of the book were in color. The cover was home made — and looks it. A publishing professional who saw it on our web page in the early days told us to “take that thing down right now!” But the interior of the book, even with our slapdash design work, printed beautifully. The color photos looked fantastic.

Page from color demo Buzz book

So why didn’t we do a final version of The Unforgettable Buzz in color? Because color printing is very expensive. These early demo books, coming in at only 426 pages, cost over $100 a piece. That was just for printing, before Amazon or B&N got involved to take a distribution cut. A color Buzz would have been a crazy expensive proposition, testing the wallet of even the most dedicated Electric Football fan. It really wasn’t practical because not all of its 625 pages needed to be in color.

But we didn’t give up on the color idea. In fact, The Buzz helped us focus in on exactly what we wanted to do with the color format. We wanted to keep things simple and let the photos do all the talking. And we feel like we’ve accomplished just that in Full Color Electric Football. Hopefully you’ll agree. The goal line is approaching…

Earl & Roddy


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Sample page from Full Color Electric Football book

So many thanks for the rousing welcome you gave Full Color Electric Football™ last week! Today we’re unveiling the opening spread of Chapter 12, our Player Endorsed Games section of the book (pages 86-87). Joe Namath leads it off…and there’s much more inside.

This is how the book is setup. Each chapter/section has introductory text — usually a single page — and then the rest of section consists of nothing but photos. Lots and lots of photos. All of them in color.

Again, thank you for your continued support as we keep moving toward the goal line!


Earl, Roddy, & MK

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Full Color Electric Football Cover

Welcome to the official home of Full Color Electric Football™! We’re pleased and excited to have the publication process so close to being complete. We promise to keep you posted on the exact date when the book becomes available.

We’re grateful to all of you who have supported The Buzz book, as well as our Buzz website and Facebook page. We had no idea where things would go when we first went “live” online in 2012, but we’re very happy with where we’ve ended up.

We can honestly say that all of our Electric Football dreams have come true in Full Color Electric Football. It’s like Christmas morning all over again…and again, and again.

We can’t wait to share it with all of you. So please take a moment to browse our new site and let us know what you think!!

Earl, Roddy, & MK


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