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Our Greatest Games Chapter opens with the 1958 NFL Championship

Our Greatest Games section opens with the 1958 NFL Championship

Full Color Electric Football™ is moving ever closer to its final status as a printed object that you can hold in your hands. The last steps of publication are always exacting and exhausting. We’re as close as we’ve ever been, yet it still feels “far away.” (Fortunately, it’s not.) At this point were kind of tired of looking at photos and proofs. Images we once found exciting are now passed over quickly to see if the latest “issue” has been taken care of.

We put all of that aside this morning to show off the opening spread from our “Greatest Games” chapter. We had a lot of fun putting this part of the book together, where we recreated famous NFL moments using the medium of Electric Football (like so many of us did in our bedrooms back in the day). We hope it’s a section that people will keep coming back to.

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Earl, Roddy, & MK

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1969 Tudor Rule Book

1969 Tudor Rule Book

Our inspiration for creating Full Color Electric Football™ was simple. We loved looking at Tudor’s colorful Rule Book pages, and we know that lots of other people spent extended time dreaming over those pages as well. All the “Rule Book recollections” we’ve heard through the years are classic childhood moments.

The most favored way of getting extra Rule Book viewing time was sneaking them into textbooks at school. This worked great until the teacher asked you a question or noticed you weren’t keeping up with the class. Then your coveted and contraband text was in danger of being confiscated for an unknown length of time (possibly until after football season!).

But hey, at least were reading and doing math, totaling up our order forms to see how many more nickels and dimes we needed to land those awesome Chargers with the gold pants.

The undiluted and innocent thrill of hovering over a page of Tudor teams is what we hope to capture in Full Color Electric Football. A tall order, yes, but we felt the game deserved nothing less.

Earl, Roddy, & MK


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Photo shoot for Full Color Electric Football

Photo set up for the Tudor quarterback brass master.

Our original concept for Full Color Electric Football was to take some of the best images from The Unforgettable Buzz and show them off in the color presentation they deserved. Once we started into the actual creative process for the new book, our thinking changed. Yes, some of The Buzz’s best images did make into Full Color Electric Football. But we took a an entire new batch of color photos. Lots, and lots, and lots of new photos.

This was done partly because the images produced by today’s digital technology far exceed the quality of the 35mm slides that made up the bulk of our original Electric Football library. Our slides were good, but even with the best digital conversion they just didn’t carry the detail that we knew was possible.

Photo shoot set-up for Saints player

Lots of work for just a single player.

The other reason for taking more photos is that we think our photography had improved through the years. So if we were going to do a color book, essentially our final Electric Football project, then we were going to make it the absolute best it could be. No effort would be too small or too great to get the “right” image.

So…we greatly appreciate your enthusiasm and patience as we work through the final stages of publication. The details are seemingly never done (but they will be soon!).


Earl, Roddy, & MK


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