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Electric Football production pieces of any kind are exceedingly rare. That’s because they weren’t viewed as anything “special” at the time they were created. Their purpose was simple — to be part of the industrial process of making a toy. Or in the case of the page from Full Color Electric Football we’re previewing today, the process of creating an Electric Football player. And these production pieces didn’t create just a single item or player. The brass master in our photo spawned tens of millions of Electric Football players.

So…can something really be “special” when millions of items are produced from it?

Yes, because of what happened when a production line ceased. Pieces like this quarterback were not only discarded, they were destroyed. Melted down. Just visualize this master being dumped into a blazing furnace…Electric Football history disappearing right before your eyes.

So we’re proud in Full Color Electric Football to be able to feature — in color — this Tudor brass master. It was from him that Tudor created their NFL Quarterback Electric Football sets in the early 1980’s. It was also from him that Tudor created the short-lived “Quarterbacks of the NFL” line in 1983.

As one of the few Electric Football production pieces to survive into the modern era, he’s now like a prized dinosaur fossil in a museum display. His “bones” help explain Electric Football’s past to future generations. Another special part of this QB’s legacy is that he spent his post-production days in Brooklyn sitting on the desk of Electric Football inventory and Tudor Games President Norman Sas. How’s that for a priceless pedigree?

We’re pleased to finally give this Tudor player the exposure he deserves — in full color. 


Earl, Roddy, & MK


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Pages 70 and 71 from Full Color Electric Football

Big Tudor AFL players in Full Color Electric Football

Full Color Electric Football™ was a labor love. It was all about putting together Electric Football images that we love, images that were inspired by our memories of that first Tudor NFL (or AFL) Electric Football game; our first sighting of a Tudor Super Bowl in a Sears Christmas Wish Book; that first peak at a lineup of NFL and AFL teams in a Lee Payne-designed color Rule Book insert.

These are all moments that, decades later, we still cherish. They link to some of the best moments of our childhood, combining the wonder and innocence of a time when things were simple. When a new NFL team came in the mail, or a new Electric Football game showed up under the Christmas tree…life was good. Very good. You had everything you needed. Period.

That’s how we felt when got the first copies of Full Color Electric Football. Leafing through the pages, especially pages like the beautiful AFL spread included in this post, it was a dream come true. We felt like a giant box containing every Tudor NFL team had been delivered to our doorstep.

And we sincerely hope you’ll share our dream when you have a chance to check out Full Color Electric Football. It’s totally from the heart. We tried to honor this wonderful game as it deserves to be honored – in full color.


Earl, Roddy, & MK

1967 Tudor color Rule Book insert - we matched the team order in Full Color Electric Football

1967 Tudor color Rule Book insert – we duplicated the team order for Full Color Electric Football

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Box of Full Color Electric Football books

We are pleased and proud to announce the official publication of our new book Full Color Electric Football™. It’s been quite the “drive” to get this thing into the end zone, including a few tricky “third-and-long” conversions.

Our hopes were high for Full Color Electric Football, and we have to say, those hopes were exceeded. Even after living with this material for almost two years, we found ourselves floored when flipping through the pages of our advance copies.

This book really is a dream come true. From the very beginning we “saw” a color Electric Football book. So this marks the culmination of all that we’ve done over the last 20 years. It’s the writing, the research, the photography, and the collecting, all rolled into 124 beautiful pages.

Michael Kronenberg’s design work is…well, you’ll be able to see for yourselves. Masterful, brilliant, visionary — Lee Payne would be proud. And the photography, as Norman Sas and Lee always strived for with Tudor images, puts you right in the game. The appeal of Electric Football is obvious to see, as the NFL comes to life right before our eyes.

We hope that all of you will find a cherished piece of your childhood in Full Color Electric Football.

We encourage you to purchase Full Color Electric Football from our Official e-Store. The e-Store lets you order the book directly from the printer, cutting out the middle man for you, and for us.

To further encourage you we’re offering a Special Discount on all e-Store sales over the next week. Enter the code below in the “Apply Discount” box of your shopping cart and get a $1.50 off your book.


You will have to create an ID and password for Create Space, the company that oversees the e-store. We’ve been working with Create Space since 2013 (they also print The Unforgettable Buzz) and have purchased hundreds of books from them. They operate on a secure server and are a thoroughly professional online company. Click on the button below to navigate to the e-Store. And don’t forget your discount code!

For those of you not comfortable with the e-Store format, not wanting to hassle with a new ID/Password, or wanting to take full advantage of your Amazon Prime benefits, we understand. Here’s the link to our Amazon page:

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Photo of a father and a boy playing Electric Football on Xmas 1968

Christmas Morning 1968

We’ve been quiet on the Full Color Electric Football™ blog over the last couple of weeks, but that doesn’t mean that nothing has been going on. In fact, this has been the busiest period in the entire history of the project. We are now as close to the goal line as we’ve ever been. It seems we could simply extend an arm (with the ball, of course) and we’d be in the end zone.

But…the coaches have wisely called a final timeout to go over every option and contingency. The final “play” for Full Color Electric Football has to be the right one. The execution has to be perfect. We can’t afford to come up short, or throw the ball out of the end zone.

Despite the pressure of the situation, we are quite confident that we have the right call in our playbook. We’ve already made a couple of audibles, changed the formation slightly, and “matriculated” down the field to where we are now.

So we’d strongly suggest that if you’re not already on our e-mail mailing list, you might want to take a moment and sign up. Our mailing list friends always hear about “stuff” first. Rumor is that our mailing list is going to be in line for a very special offer in the very near future. (The “Join Our Mailing List” box is on the sidebar to the right.)

Thank you for all of your support over the last 3+ years. The end zone do cherished memories of Christmas morning.


Earl, Roddy, & MK


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