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It was 45 years ago this fall that Munro Games stepped onto the vibrating gridiron of Electric Football…


Electric Football Has Many Great Stories

One of the stories we’re most proud of documenting in both Full Color Electric Football and The Unforgettable Buzz is that of Canadian toy maker Munro Games.

In a fortuitous turn, we were able to make the acquaintance of Don Munro Jr. in the late 1990’s. (A big “thank you” to table hockey historian Rob Raven.) Mr. Munro’s father founded Munro Games in the 1930’s, with the company establishing itself as a serious toy maker through the high-quality table hockey games that it made during the 1940’s and 1950’s.

<img alt="1963 Munro Games Table Hockey game">

Munro Hockey game from the early 1963.

By the 1960’s Don Jr. and his brother Bill were running Munro Games. The company at the time was the main table hockey game supplier for Sears. It was also making table hockey games for Norman Sas and Tudor Metal Products.

Munro Games Finds A Partner

Bill eventually grew tired of the toy business, so Don partnered with a Buffalo aerospace engineering firm called Servotronics, Inc. The owner of Servotronics was looking to diversify, and toys were a profitable endeavor as the 1960’s came to a close.

The Servotronics’ owner also liked making bold decisions, thus Munro Games blitzed into electric football in 1971 with only minimal preparation. But within a year they had created the legendary Day/Nite game, which was the first electric football game with floodlights. It was also the largest electric football of the time (40” long).

<img alt="Munro Games spreads from the book full color electric football">

A duo of two page Munro Games spreads from Full Color Electric Football

Munro’s grand entrance into electric football happened to coincide with one of the biggest economic crisis since the Great Depression – the OPEC oil embargo of 1973. Even major toy companies suffered enormously during this time, and Munro Games was quickly adrift in a sea of red ink.

Munro Games would never recover, soon joining the long list of defunct toy makers. Don Munro had a front row seat to his company’s rise and fall, which he thoughtfully recounted in several interviews for The Unforgettable Buzz.

Unfortunately, Mr. Munro passed away not long after speaking with us. So it’s been gratifying for us to tell his story in The Unforgettable Buzz and Full Color Electric Football. The Munro Games story is one that is not to be missed.


The start of the Munro Games story in The Unforgettable Buzz

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