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Happy First Anniversary Full Color Electric Football!

Our Full Color Electric Football book is officially a year old today. It’s amazing how fast time flies by, as we can still recall the thrill of releasing the book last November. All the work and sweat that was put in as we headed toward our publication date…wow, what a ride it was.

And what a ride it has been over the last year. Your reception to the book has been so positive and overwhelming. That’s what we’ll always remember most. Every second we spent putting the book together was rewarded by your awe-inspiring response. It’s amazing to have only Five-Star reviews (out of Five!) on Amazon.

Full Color Electric Football is a dream come true. It’s what we envisioned when we first started thinking about an Electric Football book more than 20 years ago. (Maybe because the first article we ever did about Electric Football in 1994 was published in color.) Anytime we pick the book up, it’s a thrill the realize how far we were able to come with the project.

So, thank you to all of you who have supported us over the last year by picking up a copy of Full Color Electric Football. We know you’re enjoying it.

And for those of you who still need to get a copy, why not help us celebrate our first anniversary by getting your copy during this upcoming Holiday season? Put it on your list, or better yet, order it now. You deserve to get exactly what you want for Christmas, right?? Make it a Full Color Holiday!

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