Photo of a father and a boy playing Electric Football on Xmas 1968

More than a nostalgic nod to a much loved game, Full Color Electric Football deftly documents the rise of pro football, the equally innovative (and competitive ) path of iconic toy companies like Tudor, whose evolution changed their game as much as, say, the no huddle offense shifted the NFL’s gears. I have been playing electric football since I was four (I’m now 59), and am proud to say my late brother and I convinced our folks to put more than a few of the Incarnations of the game beneath our Christmas tree. Even so, I learned a lot about that which took place in the companies’ respective “huddles.”

These stories are recounted by the authors in a brisk, informative fashion. (Think of your favorite team’s offense when it’s clicking.) You don’t have to be a dyed-in-the-wool fan of this game to enjoy it. Three of my best friends proved this the other day. Trust me – you’ll return to this book again and again.

— Reuben Jackson, author, poet, Host of Vermont Public Radio’s Friday Night Jazz, former Curator of the Duke Ellington Collection at the Smithsonian in Washington, DC

I can’t say enough about this book and what joy it brings to me as I look through the beautiful photographs of fields, teams, box artwork and ads that not only trace the game of electric football but the history of football itself!

The artwork on the old fields pictured in the book not only capture the game, but the outside frame of the field from each new year expressed the artwork of those times. The photos in Full Color Electric Football show brilliantly all the beauty of these games and bring back memories not only of the electric football game I had as a child, but memories from watching the NFL on TV throughout the years and all the exciting unforgettable games that were played. Electric football allowed me to replay those games on my living room floor and gave me the chance to keep my heroes playing long past their actual retirements.

Full Color Electric Football is nostalgic, beautiful, memorable and interspersed with historical facts about electric football as well as the history of professional football. This books real beauty though, isn’t necessarily what’s on its pages, but its what those pages bring back to life from your memory. Times with friends and family, great games, losses, wins, forgotten hobbies, life events and simpler times. If you had the game as a kid or if you didn’t and are a football fan you will want this book close at hand and I guarantee you will find your smile growing with every turn of the page!

– Lynn Schmidt, Electric Football “Coach” since 1968, National Administrator for the Miniature Football Coaches Association